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Our Man Sietsema: ‘Don’t Bother With Appetizers, the Entr?s are So Friggin’ Big’


Sietsema goes to town on a dinosaur-sized prime rib this week at Favela, a Brazilian bar and grill in Astoria.

Swinging from the rib’s length was a hammock of meat, roasted to deep, caramelized perfection, yet miraculously pink and bloody in the middle. It sliced like a giant roast, and took several of us to finish it.

And, unsurprisingly, there is more meat, like the “picanha grelhada ($14.95), four mini-sirloins crosshatched from the charcoal grill, reclining in their own juices on a bed of parsley,” but the reoccurring ingredient we couldn’t help noticing was manioc. This is partly because we only recently heard the word, which is the same as cassava and yucca.

Our Man had some farofa, crunchy manioc that he suggests sprinkling on smoked pork. Sounds like a plan. Next, he goes for a dish of Moqueca, a fish stew that comes with pirao, a pudding made from the stewing juices, thickened with manioc flour. And lastly, Sietsema has some manioc fries with his carne del sol, a beef jerky-esque bar snack we’re looking forward to trying.

33-18 28th Avenue
(718) 545-8250

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