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Photo: Bad Brains on a Boat, 06.25.07 | Village Voice


Photo: Bad Brains on a Boat, 06.25.07


Yup, Bad Brains played a boat this past Monday night for their first New York concert since a series of three sold out shows last year at CBGB. We sent intrepid punk-rock photographer John E. Coli Nikolai to the scene and he reported back: “It was a weird night. The band is great but the singer may as well be a hamster for all of the energy he puts into it.”

But Nikolai did have a moment with HR. “Before the show, HR told [me] that everything is groovy and that the gravy would be coming later. Or something like that.” More photos and a fishwrapped synopsis to follow.

HR dances (sort of, he barely moved) before Bad Brains’ set.

They’re actually father and son.

More flicks, including a full set list and some tattooed ladies, after the jump.

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