Franny’s Does Pasta


During the month of June, Franny’s added a few pasta specials to their up-until-then strictly antipasto and pizza menu. Of course, we only caught wind of this last night, July 1, when we were waiting for a seat in the garden and saw two plates of pasta float by, smelling delicious. We sampled the long fusilli with a simple tomato sauce and house-made sausage and it was very delicious. The pasta itself is plucked from the water when it is truly al dente — meaning some bites are slightly beyond chewy. The waitress will warn you about this, but we like it like that. There was also a bucatini with made-t-order tomato sauce and a penne with zucchini, butter, cheese, and herbs.

Pasta will be added to the regular menu soon. We also strongly recommend the local vegetables with tonnato sauce (homemade mayo with capers, anchovies, and tuna — we want this on hand at all times), the meatballs (pork shoulder + beef brisket = hearty, not mealy, and extremely flavorful.

295 Flatbush Avenue
(718) 230-0221