Bus Lane, Not Bike Lane


Crazy on lower Broadway

Yesterday, the city gave the right-hand lane of lower Broadway over to buses, part its Bus Rapid Transit plan. The idea is to turn the pokey dogs of the MTA into speedy greyhounds by giving them room to run and better places to stop.

And yes, savvy cyclist, you might also find a little room in the new lane—it reaches from Houston to Vesey—but you risk getting a ticket from the NYPD. Vehicles other than buses are allowed into the lane only for making right turns. The Daily News reports that the cops wrote 172 citations on Monday.

A ride down Broadway this afternoon revealed little compliance from drivers and just about zero enforcement. It was, in a word, chaos. Photo evidence follows.

It’s supposed to be bus only, not SUV only.

Not exactly trotting down the street.

One of the new stops.

Room for a cyclist?

A bus tries to squeeze back into its own lane.

Every so often, the traffic parted and the bus lane appeared—
if only that bus way back there were up here.