Reverend Billy’s First Amendment Arrest


The NYPD hasn’t had much to say about the arrest of the Rev. Billy for reciting the First Amendment through a bullhorn at the Critical Mass gathering at Union Square last Friday.

But Billy and Norman Siegal, the civil rights attorney, say its a false arrest, and the second degree harassment charge the performance artist faces is another example of the police using broad interpretations of the law to crack down on law-abiding citizens exercizing their rights.

A judge will decide next month when Billy’s due back in court — unless the DA drops the case first.

Billy returned Union Square on Monday and recited those 44 “beautiful words” of the First Amendment without incident.

Around the 2:45-mark of the video, take special note of the law enforcement officer drinking a cup of coffee. Doesn’t he look like he’s just a few missed haircuts and a white suit away from being Billy Jr.? And if that’s the case, why can’t he just live and let live? Daddy issues? Self-loathing? Who knows.