Celebrating a Cancer



Blow up the candles. Blow them up all over the world. George W. Bush‘s 61st birthday is tomorrow, July 6. Things are so bad that even the Presidential Prayer Team, focusing on “Today’s Immediate Concerns,” is praying as we speak that our troops come home:

Pray for President Bush today as he continues to work with military leaders and the Iraqi government to bring strength and stability to that nation, enabling eventual withdrawal U.S. troops…

Pray also for the President as he observes his 61st birthday tomorrow, asking God for protection and strength for him…

Pray for residents of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas who are struggling to recover from devastating floods there…

Naturally, the prayer team’s birthday wishes for Bush take precedence over a bunch of Okies and Kansans, not to mention people from his adopted home state. But for Bush — remember his slow reaction to the tsunami and his performance before and after Hurricane Katrina — natural disasters aren’t his focus.

Manmade disasters are his thing. So buy at least 3,583 candles.

Yes, Bush’s birth date, among other things, makes him a Cancer with a capital “C.” As for our de facto president, Dick Cheney, you’ll have to wait six months to celebrate his next birthday: He turns 67 on January 30, 2008.

It should have already dawned on you that we really are living in the age of Aquarius.