Laurent Tourondel’s Last Meal: Not a BLT


At some point, we decided that French chefs romanticize food and death to such a degree that they’ll be prepared to give detailed descriptions of their last meals at the drop of a hator the ring of a cell phone. Apparently, Laurent Tourondel, the man behind the BLT empire, likes to keep his focus on the present world (not to mention his own menus). As we begged him for details about his final meal, we started to feel like the creepy goth friend a mom might not want you hanging out with. But isn’t that friend also kind of fun?

Hi. So, you’ve had a night to think about your last meal — anything in the world. . . . Yes. It would be my dish, the tuna tartar at BLT Steak. It’s a great thing. I love it – everyone loves it. Have you had it?

Not yours, yet. How do you make it? Just avocado and a soy-citrus vinaigrette. I didn’t find a great entree for you. I couldn’t think of anything. But I would have dessert, for sure. A Paris-Brest, a pastry from Brittany that has hazelnut cream inside.

Yum. Yeah, it’s really good! And I would listen to the Rolling Stones.

Any album? Yes.

And would you want to be anywhere in particular? Oh, where would I be? Tough question. Maybe near the island of Los Roques, north of Venezuela.

Have you spent a lot of time there? Yeah. I would probably be at the beach. And who would you want to eat with? It’s difficult to say. What do other people answer?

Some say their family or good friends. Some people want to be alone. I would like to be alone.

What would you drink? I would have a Summer Fizz, a drink we have at BLT Steak. It has lemon, ginger, and lemongrass syrup.

Sounds like it would go well with the tartar. Would you eat anything else? No, I think I’d like to eat light before I die.

That’s what my mom always says when we talk about this— she’s like, “How could you eat?” Yeah, it’s the first time anyone ever asked me this. I never thought about dying, really. But I will blast the music of the Rolling Stones, and I will almost be drunk, so I won’t feel the pain.

Yeah, I think it’s important to have a drink. Or maybe a few drinks.