Voice Lessons


A blog? How droll!

This week at the Village Voice theater section

Michael Feingold is passingly friendly regarding Old Acquaintance, though he does wonder why the Roundabout has produced it: “Not untruthful and not unfunny, it stands as an instance of a life we no longer lead. Whether such a play should, or can, be revived is a different matter.” Meanwhile Tom Sellar portions out praise and culpability in his review of Howard Barker’s No End of Blame. I sat lakeside during the Public Theater’s watery but very enjoyable production of Romeo and Juliet.

In the Sightlines section, Julia Wallace assigned her own personal search engine to I Google Myself. John Beer analyzes the prose of The Toad Poems, based on the poesy of Gerald Locklin. In Central Park, Andy Propst decides that All’s Well That Ends Well doesn’t end well at all.