Great Drunken Balls of Watermelon


(That is not Jeffrey Zurofsky.)

On Wednesday, we did some BBQ-hopping (and crashing) in Prospect Park. One of the best discoveries was the watermelon martini situation at 層ichcraft Managing Partner Jeffrey Zurofsky痴 shindig. As you can see from the photo above, the lethal watermelon balls went over well with the crowd. Your friends will become delirious with love for you when you start whipping these babies up.

Zurofsky was kind enough to share his mixology method with EfV.

Watermelon Martinis

Scoop out the most ripe parts of a melon.
Cover with citrus-flavored vodka, your choice.
Squeeze some whole lemons in with this mixture. You can also add basil or mint, too.
Puree the rest of the watermelon in a blender and strain it to get the seeds out.
Let the balls sit for a day.
Prepare a martini with 3 balls, a couple of spoonfulls of soaked vodka and a topper of fresh squeezed watermelon juice.