A Fort Greene Coffee Contest


This morning on the B train, EfV strongly considered being the sick passenger, but we made it to the office without passing out or vomiting. It’s not just the heat that has rendered us nauseous and shaky. You see, we decided this would a great morning to overdose on iced coffee.

The purpose was a taste-test between Fort Greene’s brand new coffee spots, Bidonville and Bittersweet. Yes, perhaps we could have just sampled each cup, and not drank until we were sick — we’re still working on that whole “moderation” thing.

Anyway, Bittersweet, which opened exactly one week ago, was the clear winner. Bidonville’s iced coffee ($2.50) was thin and bitter, while at Bittersweet, where they make an iced Americano instead, it was rich and far tastier.

Bittersweet also makes ice cream and sells Balthazar’s baked goods. While this spot is no bargain basement (our iced Americano and currant scone cost $5.25), we are most excited about the face-off between Bittersweet and Urban Spring, which is right across the street and hilariously expensive. At Urban Spring, the straws are made of corn and it’s assumed that you want soy milk. When you request regular old cow juice, you may detect the faintest raising of an eyebrow.

Willoughby, between Adelphi and Clermont

DeKalb, between Carlton and Cumberland