Photos: Boredoms With 77 Drummers a/k/a 77BOADRUM, 07.07.07


Next-door neighbor Status Ain’t Hood will give you the full textual breakdown on Saturday’s monumental event of the Boredoms playing with 74 additional drummers in the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park. In the meantime, here’s some photographic and videographic evidence that if you missed the show, you should probably go drown yourself in the toilet. Then again, maybe not: the Internet keeps murmuring that the logistics of getting into the show were a total frickin’ nightmare and a lot of people got shut out. If you were one of those unlucky ones, Rebecca Smeyne took the stills, Pop Tarts Suck Toasted shot the videos, and Andrew WK switched up his roller-rink hesher costume for a denim-shorted dorky dad-like outfit. Awesome.

One Andrew WK: First, he guest-pianoed with Hanson; now this?


Highly recommend this video if you want to feel bad about missing this.

Video shot by Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

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Lizzie from Gang Gang Dance