Spoon Playing Free Shows This Week at the Virgin Megastore, R Park


Spoon officially releases their new baby-talking record Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga tomorrow, which has the Austin band playing two shows in New York this week, one free and another free*. The asterisk is for tomorrow when Spoon plays the Union Square Virgin Square Megastore at 6:30, when according to an advertisement in our finger-staining fishwrap, you’ve gotta buy the CD specifically at the store “to attend this special performance and signing.” Not sure how strictly this’ll be enforced, but it’s worth pointing out that you might actually have to buy the record you downloaded months ago to see them. Or, you could wait until Wednesday night, when they play a truly free show..

In honor of Spoon’s first Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga single, “Underdog,” here’re the top ten most memorable underdogs, chosen by an anonymous perpetual loser.

10. Camilla Parker Bowles

9. Jesse Ventura

8. Jason Lee

7. 2004 Red Sox

6. David

5. The Mighty Ducks

4. Gandhi

3. Status Ain’t Hood

2. The one on the left


Spoon, “Underdog” (MP3)