Stupid Shit: Spring Water, Ready to Freeze!


We’re feeling the slightest bit cranky today — perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we’re locked inside with the air conditioning and suffering from the slow death that comes of life in a cubicle…

Anyhoo, we thought we’d take advantage of this mood to launch a new category on EfV called “Stupid Shit for Prosumers.”

We have to thank Serious Eats and Print Magazine for inspiring this outlet for our own bitterness. Today, Serious Eats featured Ice Rocks, spring water ice cubes from the company WaterBank of America. Sorry — they don’t come frozen, just sealed in trays, ready for your freezer.

In their own words:

“ICEROCKSョ are secured, ready-to-be-frozen ice cubes made with high-quality spring water. These cubes, to be consumed within two (2) years, are hermetically packaged in disposable containers. ICEROCKSョ uses a patented technology, providing a container of refreshing ice cubes that are pure and hygienic.

To enjoy the fresh taste of ICEROCKSョ simply freeze, remove the plastic seal, and pop the ice cubes into your favorite beverage!

ICEROCKSョ is sold in its unfrozen state (liquid), making it a product offering substantial savings in terms of delivery costs, in that it does not require trucks to be refrigerated for transportation.”

Wow. This is going to be a tough act to follow. What makes it really special is all the stuff about being “green” on the website.