Tahini? Hot Sauce? Cockroach?


I’m not sure how closely you’re reading this blog, but you might have noticed that today has been a rough one for EfV. So does it seem fair that when I step away from this beige box of an office for a little snack — a pita with chickpeas and tabouli from Tasty Falafel on Saint Mark’s — it has to have cockroach inside?

I like to scoff at my friends for not wanting to eat in the dive-y, dirty places I enjoy, and I like to say “I don’t believe in germs” but, uh, I do believe in bugs. Is today over yet? I’m hungry.

Update: My good friend Jen Snow, who happens to be a fantastic photographer, just taught me how to take a non-blurry close-up photo with the camera I’ve had for 2 1/2 years. Thanks, Jen! This is like some National Geographic shit!