Our Man Sietsema: ‘Indians are Snackers’


Our Man Sietsema has given his blessing to Curry Hill newcomer Tiffin Wallah. Phew. We thought it was good when we visited, right when the place opened. It’s good to know Sietsema agrees.

Tiffin Wallah is vegetarian and Kosher, like many spots on and around Lexington, but Our Man says the food is fresher than many of its neighbors. We particularly like the sound of the saag paneer made with mustard greens rather than the usual ho-hum spinach. But the picks go way beyond that:

“The South Indian thali concentrates on the now-familiar masala dosa (a potato-filled crepe), idli (white dumplings shaped like small Frisbees), and uttapam (a spongy pancake rife with vegetables). There’s also a thali called sapadu (“meal” in Tamil) that explores the coconut-based cooking of India’s southernmost state, Kerala. Available only on weekends, it includes aviyal, a yogurt-thickened stew containing eggplant and plantain; rasam, a tart and salty tomato-and-tamarind soup; and a fresh coconut chutney shot with black mustard seeds.”

Tiffin Wallah
127 East 28th Street
(212) 685-7301