Peter Meehan’s Last Meal: Outtakes!


Peter Meehan, who shares his fantasy last meal with us this week, had so much to say that we had to sacrifice some pearls of wisdom/hilarity for the sake of space. But on the internets, space is no object — a fact which can be great and also dangerous.

Here are some Meehan outtakes:

When we got sassy and asked Meehan what he’d have if the meal had to be $25 or under, he sassed back and said “If it was $25 or under, I’d want to be Eric Asimov.”

Meehan wanted arepas, tacos, and a “‘surprise burger’ — the kind you order somewhere where you don’t expect it to be good, and then it’s amazing. I don’t want to call it beforehand.”

He debated a pizza course, considering Una Pizza Napoletana, but ultimately deciding on some pizza bianca from the Campo di Fiori in Rome.

When he asked us if Marcella Hazan could make him some Bolognese sauce, he also asked if we’d ever heard her talk. We didn’t think we had. Meehan said: “Gravelly. Very gravelly.”

He also wanted a combination hot and sweet sausage and beef sandwich from Johnnie’s Beef in Elmwood Park, Illinois, and some salty, chocolate-y korova cookies made by his girlfriend. (Here’s a recipe from Dorie Greenspan. It makes us crave a doober…)