Magnolia, Whatever. J&L Mall? Hell No!


I don’t care about cupcakes. (I skipped leggings, too.) So yesterday’s Magnolia shuttering — and the subsequent reopening didn’t have much of an impact over here. But today I read on Chowhound that my beloved J&L Mall in Flushing has closed. This place is home to many delicious things, including red hot Sichuan snacks, hand-pulled noodles, and one of the best dishes I’ve ever eaten, the spice-intensive Guizhou-style beef noodle soup ($3). This is one thing that comes to mind whenever someone asks what I would want for my last meal.

According to the ‘hounds, the shut-down was not health department-induced, which is sort of funny, as I have witnessed some pret-ty bold violations over there. Rumor has it the Mall’s leaseholder didn’t pay the Con Ed bill.

I believe in noodles, and I’m holding my breath, hoping this is temporary. Maybe if we tell Con Ed that J&L Mall was on Sex and the City, they’ll let it slide? Otherwise, EfV will make it a mission to locate the noodle people, who, we hope, will find another spot quickly.