Taking Credit for the Mets 7 Express Home from Shea


Woodward and Bernstein may have taken down the president. Michael Clancy, on the other hand, got Met fans express service home from Shea Stadium.

In May, when I wrote about the inequality of train service to Shea as compared to the ride to Yankee Stadium, the MTA didn’t really have any good answers as to why they don’t schedule express train service after Met home games. Frankly, the MTA gave a lot of Ralph Kramdenesque “homina homina homina” answers.

But you gotta give them some credit. Yesterday they fixed the problem, announcing improved service after home games. Here’s the story that I wrote in May. The Gothamist story about the service change seems to give credit to subway blogger Second Avenue Sagas, but if you read deep enough in to his blog you see that he sort of gives credit where credit is due.

As a journalist, it’s not that often you get to see immediate results. And sometimes no matter how many times you write about something, the problem never goes away. It’s like corrupt politicians. Journalists are constantly exposing them, and each year they seem to get more and more corrupt.

A seasoned reporter once said to me “It’s like writing about bee stings, and expecting bees to stop stinging after that.” Such is the journalist’s lot.

But every now and then, journalists can get results. New York City is still a Yankee town, but it’s nice knowing that little-by-little the Mets are getting more respect. And fans are getting a quicker ride.