Air-Frying: Just Hot Air?


Good Dog, the newish hot dog spot on St. Mark’s, is pretty excited about its new invention, “air-fried” french fries and onion rings. The wording on the sign somehow had us picturing fries magically flying through the air like popcorn…

Actually, these are just regular, frozen fries (we didn’t sample the onion rings), baked in an oven. We asked the guy behind the counter if they were crunchy. He said, “Crunchy? Not really. But they’re good.” Our gut said: un-crunchy fries aren’t good. And we were right.

Baked fries could be crunchy, — they could stand to get a little brown, too. But the funny thing is the implication that this is a low-fat alternative. Well-fried fries shouldn’t absorb a great deal of oil, and these guys are holding their fair share anyway.