Photos: Citysol, Les Savy Fav, 07.16.07


Photos by Rebecca Smeyne

This past weekend was Solar One’s Citysol, a three-day “clean energy” art-and-music festival that featured the likes of Menomena and Dragons of Zynth. Saturday night’s show was arguably the best of the fest (Les Savy Fav, the Besnard Lakes, O’Death)—co-presented and promoted to high hell by everyone’s favorite Brooklyn herbivore. SOTC BFF photog Rebecca Smeyne hit the show and reports back, “Highlights included the woman passed out under the white-shirt installation all day long:

And the usual Tim Harrington antics, including disabling all the spotlights, making the people in the crowd hold his keyboard. . .

. . . stealing bubbles from someone in the crowd, imbibing the stuff and blowing them out of his mouth, making out with his wife (as the other two blonde band wives look on), and stealing a water cooler. . .


. . . and dumping it someone’s head, running around all over the venue.” Typical Les Savy Fav show. Except that LSF bassist Syd Butler played the first song wearing his new baby girl—who was outfitted with baby ear-protection gear. Awww. More photos below.