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Inside the Federal Wiretaps that Took Down a Cop


A federal criminal complaint that charges an NYPD officer used his badge, gun, and access to critical secret information to help a band of thieving drug dealers operate with impunity reads at times like a Richard Price novel or an episode of “The Wire.”

But the FBI and the US. Attorney’s office said yesterday that it’s no fiction and that Officer Darren Moonan, a cop assigned to the 102nd Precinct in Queens, assisted a crew of drug traffickers in both dealing and ripping off other dealers.

Still the cell phone conversations intercepted by the FBI, as recently as June, sound straight out of “Clockers.” These co-conspirators, not named as defendants in this criminal complaint, seem about as busted as busted can be, based on these wiretaps.

Sounds like they got bagged and rolled on Moonan, whose lawyer told the Daily News that his client was a cop who received commendations after 9/11. But the feds say that they have Moonan on tape saying to a drug dealer you “got my support, with whatever you need…with whatever you need and I’ll have it.”

In another wiretap, the feds say, Co-Conspirator 1 told Moonan “You, listen, yo…leave work…listen, leave work, you got my gold, my thing, my badge….hello?”
Moonan: “Your what?”
CC-1: “You got my badge, my jacket, all that stuff?”
Moonan: “Yeah”
CC-1: “Allright, you got to go get the rest, get all that stuff, bring two pieces, get everything, let’s go.”

Later in the conversation Moonan asked “Somebody did something to you?”
CC-1: “No, n****r.”
Moonan: “Allright, give me, um.”
CC-1: “Money, n****r!”
Moonan: “You gonna hurry up?”
CC-1: “Yeah, I’m gonna hurry up.”

The criminal complaint says this convo is about a kilo of coke:

Co-conspirator 1: “That n***a said 28…that n***a wild out on me…. I told him forget it”
Co-conspirator 2: “Um, he’s not that crazy,that’s what it’s going for right now.”
CC-1: “I know….but I said forget it though.”
CC-2: “Let me see if this other guy for 24 comes through, if not then there is still 2 Gs to be made.”
CC-1: “You got it sold for 30?”

Later in the conversation:

CC-2: “Can you get some fake shit…can you get some fake compressed…fake?
CC-1: “Yeah, you me to a fake one?”
CC-2: “Yeah, man.”

Then the feds say CC-1 answered his call waiting and talked to CC-5.

CC-1: “Listen, can you compress me one with all cut?”
CC-5: “Can I give you one with all what?”
CC-1: “Give me one compressed all cut.”
CC-5: “Yeah, why?”
CC-1: “I got it sold for 30…I got it sold for 30.”
CC-5 “Yeah, but I’m saying, you want it redone up or you want it all powder.”
CC-1: “Nah, I want it all cut (laughs) Waa yoo!”
CC-5: “I know, but even if it is all chopped up, it still has to be rocked up.”
CC-1: “N***a, listen to what I’m saying.”
CC-5: “Let me call you right back….I’ll call you right back…I’ll call you right back from a different phone.”

A bit late for that, it would seem. One more from the wiretaps:

Co-conspirator 2: “Yo, can you put your hands on a brick?”
Co-conspirator 1 “A brick?”
CC-2 “Yeah… an exchange… Yeah, I got Freddy coming up from Virginia to pick one up”
CC-1 “It is expensive now.”
CC-2 “I know but I was getting it for 24”
CC-1 “You were getting it for 24?”
CC-2 “Yeah, but the guy can’t come through until 10 o’clock tonight….this guys is on his way from Virginia already he gonna be here in about 4 hours….what can you get it for?”
CC-1 “Let me make a call….I’ll call you back in two seconds.”


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