Photos: Slick Rick on a Boat, 07.19.07


photos by Rebecca Smeyne

First, it was old-time nautical: Bad Brains on a boat. Then it was a handful of old-school rappers, pulled out from the mothballs for all of Wingate Park to see: MC Hammer and Doug E. Fresh in Wingate Park. Last night, somebody smooshed it all up together, and only about 100 people seemed to care . . . that’s right, Slick Rick on a boat! For $30!

Rebecca Smeyne, the best photog on SOTC’s Buddy list (no offense, Kelly, but you live in Boston), was there of course, and reports back: “Crowd was mostly preppy, with a couple of Jersey girls dressed in outfits that coordinated suspiciously well with Slick’s. Also, there were a bunch of French people smoking weed all night.” Awesome.