Siren Music Festival: Photos and Highlights


M.I.A. actually stops her set to put on lipstick. Seriously.

Matt and Kim; photos by Rebecca Smeyne

Not to be all rah-rah for the home team here, but come the fuck on — put M.I.A., Matt & Kim, the Black Lips, and the White Rabbits on the same bill and I’m gonna gush about that line-up no matter who made it happen. So let’s curtsy for Jacques Steinberg and move along; it’s time for some highlights.

The Black Lips brought out a really dirty chicken, then launched a PVC-piped cannon of feathers onto the crowd. M.I.A. made every male within a five-mile radius have a minor heart attack when she intro’d “Boyz” by hollering, “I’m sinnnngggle now! Where’s my boys at?” (Trust me, Maya, they were there.) And drumroll please . . . Kim spoke!

It was just that kind of day. Here’s a full-on gallery of photos from the day. More to come eventually.