It’s Official: Hipsters Love Food



When I was growing up, it was weird to be obsessed with food. It was not normal that, during a rock show, I was freaking out about where my friends and I would end up eating dinner after. When I became a “grown-up” and got a “job,” I wondered if it was not hip to be writing about food. Was I like some premature grandma, always feeding people braised meat, fattening up boyfriends and reading cookbooks in bed?

Well, finally, it’s official. Food is the trendiest, hippest thing around. The new website Cheap Ass Food, has brilliantly taken advantage of that fact by launching a hipster food website, like Chowhound for people with bangs and tattoos. Instead of intricate debates about the authenticity of one tamale stand versus another, on Cheap Ass Eats, you are encouraged to say “fuck” and take cool photos. I love cheap ass food, and will definitely be checking in regularly.