%#!: Ian McShane on Broadway


Well, I Swear…

I’ve never been the type to linger by stage doors after shows, but all that may change with yesterday’s announcement that Ian McShane will star in a revival of Harold Pinter’s Homecoming, booked into the Cort in December. As should now be clear to regular readers of this blog (Hi, Mom), I like ’em faintly grizzled. My enthusiasm for McShane has actually led me to watch a couple episodes of Lovejoy, an execrable ’80s Brit series in which McShane plays an antiques dealer-cum-detective and wears jeans that are much too small for him. Provided his trousers allow, I’m sure McShane will be unparalleled in rendering Pinter that much more sinister.

Anyone know where a girl can get a cute autograph book?

Which stars would cause you to abandon all pretense to dignity?