Now Hiring: Wakiya, Radegast Hall & Biergarten, Centro Vinoteca


The Old Brooklyn Parlor, an old-fashioned ice cream shop just opened on Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights and is hiring people to scoop ginger creme brulee ice cream. Why did all this awesome stuff open after I moved out of my apartment two blocks away?

Anne Burrell is looking for line cooks and front-of-house staff at Centro Vinoteca.

This guy has been looking for a chef/partner for a new Brooklyn restaurant for months it seems. People, he has a lease and wants your interpretation of “New American.” Somebody, go invent an esoteric twist on something classic, please.

For Park Avenue Summer line cooks, attitude is the most important attribute.

Danny Meyer needs line cooks for his catering venture, Hudson Yards.

Gray Kunz is opening Grayz in September and needs pastry cooks.

Do you have a little extra rage that is no longer getting an adequate response from your loved ones? Maybe you should become an expediter at Wakiya so you can scream “douchebag” at a bunch of guys all night!

15 East is in need of a captain.

Why did you get a mobile food vendor’s license, your driver’s license, and your food protection certificate if you’re not going to work in the Treats Truck?

The new Williamsburg biergarten, Radegast Hall & Biergarten, is hiring all positions.