Mets Fan Murdered Mom After Loss: Queens DA



Doesn’t this seem more like something a Yankee fan would do? Or a Red Sox fan? Mets fans always appeared more suicidal than homicidal. In any event, it’s awfully tragic.

Michael Anthony—no relation to the former bassist of Van Halen—stabbed his mother in the head and beat her to death with a twenty-pound barbell on Saturday night after she tried to break up a fight between him and his father during a Mets game, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Monday.

Anthony, 25, of Fresh Meadows, started pounding on the walls while watching the Mets play the Nationals, Brown said. When his father, Fred Fischman, told him to stop, Anthony punched him in the face and threw him on the ground, Brown said. When his 61-year-old mother, Maria, intervened, Anthony attacked him, authorities said.

From the DA’s press release:

The District Attorney said that, according to the criminal charges, the defendant was watching a New York Mets game in his family’s apartment on the night of July 28, 2007, when he began banging on the walls. At that point, his father, Fred Fischman, came into the room and yelled at him to stop. It is alleged that a physical fight then took place between the two men, during which Fischman was punched about the face and thrown to the ground. As the defendant’s mother, 61year-old Maria Fischman, attempted to intercede, the defendant allegedly pushed her and stabbed her once in the head with a knife. Mrs. Fischman then ran into the bedroom, where the defendant allegedly struck her several times in the head with a twenty-pound barbell.

Anthony faces up to 25 years to life on second-degree murder, third-degree assault and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon charges. The Mets lost to the Nationals 6-5.