Rush Hour 3


In this third installment of the guilty-pleasure Rush Hour series, squeaky-voiced LAPD cop James Carter (Chris Tucker) once again teams up with Honk Kong’s rather goofy Police Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan). This time they’re off to Paris, where they’re given a decidedly unfriendly welcome by a French police inspector (Roman Polanski) and later enlist the assistance of an America-hating cabbie (French filmmaker Yvan Attal) in their search for the kidnapped daughter of the Chinese ambassador to the U.S. A Chinese triad wants to silence the ambassador, though I must admit that only a few hours after see- ing this movie, I couldn’t quite recall why. Instead, my mind’s eye called up a small moment from the movie’s elegantly staged and superbly photographed Eiffel Tower finale, when Lee, jumping for his life, scurries like a spider up a giant French flag, wrapping himself inside it as he goes. Chan is still the Gene Kelly of martial arts.