From the Front: Yaeger is a Sucker for Tracy Turnblad


In case you couldn’t guess this on your own, Lynn Yaeger is the funnest person to hang out with at the Voice. Since you don’t work here, you just get to read her column, which is like a miniature version. This week, she talks about the new Hairspray movie, which features “John Travolta, whose face has been rendered almost unrecognizable by prosthetics and who speaks in the mannered squeak last heard emanating from the mouth of Dustin Hoffman’s character in Tootsie,” and doesn’t live up to the original. Yaeger bemoans the watered-down-ness of the new version. “The new movie has plenty of dancing, but revolution? For that, you have to go back to the original film.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 1, 2007

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