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The Bowery Whole Foods: Good Prices, Bad Customer


I’ve walked by the Whole Foods on the Bowery for a few weeks now, and I’ve resisted the urge to go inside. It’s part of a stubborn and silly refusal of mine to accept what the Bowery—and almost all of the city—has become.

But I checked it out. The store is quite good. It’s the customers that were bad.

I gotta say that I really wanted to hate it. But here’s the crazy thing: many of the prices were cheaper than those at the Key Food in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. My favorite yogurt was 20 cents cheaper. Half-and-Half was also 20 cents cheaper. Plus I got a bunch of other cool stuff: sourdough wholewheat bread, some dulce de leche from Argentina, emmenthaler cheese, and some nice salami.

All in all, it was positive, then I got in line and heard the following:

“They want 6-point-7,” a man waiting on the line next to me said in a self-satisfied way into his cell phone. “$6.7 million is not a problem. But do you know what’s across the street? Low-income housing. I’m not paying $6.7 million so I can look out the window at public housing.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 1, 2007


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