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Wide-Leg Jeans: A Survey for Short Girls


Anlo, Alix Wide Leg Trouser Jean,

18th Amendment, Colbert High Waist Flare Jean,

Oh God. We have, despite our generous portion of thigh meat, gotten accustomed to “skinny jeans,” or as a friend calls them “tight, fat jeans.” When they went from low to high-waisted, we instinctively sat that one out. No one wants to see that. But now, what’s with all the wide-legged jeans? They look so laid-back and hippyish — and maybe even comfortable. But can short girls wear them? Should they be high-waisted, or low? Do we have to wear heels? We polled some more fashionable girls, the kind of girls who actually wear flattering clothes. (Plus one gay man, who is more fashionable than any of our girlfriends).

The results are inconclusive. Here are some highlights:

“When I was really skinny, 25 lbs ago, I could rock it. Now, not so much.”

“The wide legs are a bad idea. The low waist is a never, and the high waist for tall people, but I feel like they should be wool or tweed not jeans. Why is this coming back into style?”

“obviously skinny people can wear anything. i myself am pro-high waist, if only to take care of my pesky lovehandles. i am never wearing anything low-rise ever again. i’ve decided that i’d rather look like a mom than like i’m trying to look like a teenager.”

“I’m casting my vote for high-waisted wide-leg pants. They look much better than the low-waisters. As for short girls, I don’t know.”

“tough one. I sort of don’t think it’s okay. they can only be good if they FLATTER the ass. on a short girl, that might mean they have to be low-waisted….”

“generally, i think if you’re petite wearing anything high-waisted is pretty flattering. you’d have to wear it on your natural waist, that is, much higher than most people actually do, but it gives you the illusion of length. similarly, i think a fuller leg will further enhance that illusion, but wide leg… well, there’s so much room to interpret what a ‘wide’ leg really is.”

We’re leaning towards either skipping this trend altogether, or going with the high-waist, for lengthening and slimming (they should be tight through the hips). Also, the low-rise is a little too reminiscent of the kind of flared jeans we wore in high school, while the high-waist has hotness potential, a la Three’s Company.

Readers, please lend your wisdom. The next step is the mortifying one, of course. Trying them on.

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