Cops Bust Three Men in Makeshift Submarine



Some times the news in New York City is just so astounding that you don’t know what to make of it. The details of this one should be interesting. The cops are saying it wasn’t terrorism. Our money is on hipsters. Here’s the NYPD’s initial report:

At approximately 1030 hours this morning (8-3-07) a detective assigned to the NYPD Intelligence Division did observe 2 unauthorized vessels approaching a security zone around the Queen Mary that was docked in Red Hook Brooklyn. The detective notified the NYPD Harbor Unit and both vessels were intercepted 3 males were detained. Two of the males were on a small inflatable boat and the third male was inside a partially submerged vessel that appeared to be designed for underwater navigation. All three males are expected to be charged with a number of violations and both vessels will be secured by the Harbor Unit.

Shortly Police Commissioner Ray Kelly released the following statement:

“A makeshift submarine discovered at about 10:30 this morning by an NYPD Intelligence detective on board the Queen Mary 2 in New York Harbor is the creative craft of three adventuresome individuals. It does not pose any terrorist threat.
In addition to assigned posts including Queen Mary 2, NYPD Harbor and SCUBA officers patrol approximately 150 square miles of navigable New York City waterways and hundreds of miles of waterfront. They employ advanced underwater camera technology in their portfolio, as well as perform coordinated surveillance under the NYPD Counter Terrorism and Intelligence divisions – as demonstrated today.
While our ongoing investigation has so far yielded no suspicious devices or materials other than the vessel itself, NYPD detectives will extensively examine Queen Mary 2 to ensure its integrity. The three individuals believed responsible are in custody and may face various charges. Meanwhile we can summarize today’s incident as marine mischief.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 3, 2007

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