Things You Can’t Wear Anymore: Leggings Edition


We’re assuming you already know that you can no longer where Uggs, keffiyehs, “thunderbird” beaded moccasins, or gaucho pants. In this feature on Threadster, we will try to make sure you’re not the last to know when it’s time to throw in the towel on some other trend.

First up: Leggings. As we have said before, we skipped leggings altogether, because we are short, and we do not wish to ever make a line that will cause our legs to appear even stumpier. But for those of you who were pulling it off, it was fun while it lasted. Now you have to stop.

Note: This does not, (nor does anything really) apply to our own icon Lynn Yaeger, who wears leggings every day and has been for many years. She can do whatever she wants.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 7, 2007

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