Judith Supine Takes the Manhattan Bridge


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It’s three days after the fact, but Judith Supine still deserves an earth-shakingly loud shout-out for pulling the best street-art stunt of the summer. We already loved Supine’s style—his collage creatures’s disproportionate features, their vaguely anxious expressions, Supine’s oft-flourescent-green skintones—but this past Sunday’s feat has us completely bugging out. Look again at that above photo.

We’ve told you about Supine’s background before, but in case you missed it the first time. Dude’s got a long history of doing really mind-blowing shit: wheatpasting a Times Square army recruitment center, filming a short video that fast-forwards through his approach, inadvertently ending up on the Metro section of the New York Times as a target of the Spl—oh, you know who we mean.

So anyways, this past Sabbath, while you were still drooling on your pillow, Supine unfurled an awesomely large and detailed figure over the side of the Manhattan Bridge. And even though the piece apparently only hung there for a few hours (we’d love to get the tapes of those police phonecalls), the photographic documentation is just more evidence of the project’s success. Supine’s work has always been one of our favorites; this is just another reason why.

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