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Our Man Sietsema: ‘Bajan Baked Goods Have Hilarious Names’


This week, Our Man has discovered jerk pork and cou-cou at a Bajan cafe called Bajan Cafe in Wingate, Brooklyn. As usual, we get a mini history lesson and a lot of drool-inducing food description.

Of the macaroni pie, Sietsema says “Excavated from a deep casserole and crusty with cheddar, Bajan Café’s is every bit as good as that found in such Brooklyn soul food spots as Mitchell’s and Ruthie’s.” That alone would get us to Schenectady Avenue, but the goat and codfish stews, the salt-cod fritters, and the cou-cou will inspire us to bring a group.

What’s cou-cou? Read the review, dummy.

Bajan Café
456 Schenectady Avenue
(718) 221-2070

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