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Vignettes from the Commute from Hell


Storm update:

  • Things on the subways are still snarled, according to update from the MTA at 12:49 pm. The agency is urging riders to take bus service if at all possible.
  • MTA executive director Eliot G. Sander is holding a 2:15 pm press conference to explain it all.
  • A Staten Island woman has died as a result of the storm, Mayor Bloomberg said.
  • The National Weather Service is investigating whether a tornado touched down in Bay Ridge.Here’s a few things Voice employees and readers observed during the hot, smelly, long morning commute:
  • An Orthodox Jewish man—who was not wearing any visible MTA gear—made train announcements along the F line in Brooklyn. “Don’t get off at Fourth Avenue. The R Train is not running through the tunnel.”
  • A conductor on the E train laughed—LAUGHED—when he took the train out of service.
  • A short play about the degeneration of society:

    Woman: You are pushing me.
    Man: I am trying to get on the train.
    Woman: Well, stop pushing me then.
    Man: Why don’t you mind your business. I am just getting on the train.
    Woman: Well, it’s my business because you are pushing in to me.
    Man: It will be your business when I push you again if you don’t shut up.

    This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 8, 2007

  • An F train that was packed to capacity was held at Jay Street/Borough Hall for spacing issues. “The train behind us must be waaaayy back,” the conductor announced with a tone of bemusement. “Because they are holding this train for spacing issues. Want to get that spacing right.”Stay tuned for the story of the senior citizens who also almost grappled on the A train. And more of your vignettes from the commute from hell!

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