Yaeger on Fashion’s Rare Fatties


This week, Lynn Yaeger comments on a new study that says your fat friends make you fat:

The experts say they think the reason behind all this is that you get used to looking at people who are hefty and, after a while, guess what?—they don’t look all that bad to you! You gradually shift your ideas of what’s normal to accommodate a few soft rolls around the midsection, a fuller chin, a wigglier rear.

Unfortunately, the study disregards another patently obvious reason why you bulk up when your friends are heavy—they either have a lot of delicious-looking food laying around, or, more likely, their idea of a good time is a session at McDonald’s.

Specifically, Yaeger looks into life for the bulky oddballs within the world of fashion, who clearly have not reaped the assumed inverse of this rule: that skinny friends would make one svelte.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 8, 2007

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