It’s a Good One: Jimmy Dodge’s Peach Pie


Sometimes my mom seems absurdly perfect. She never sweats, no matter how hot it is, and when you go to her house, she has pies like this just sitting on the counter. It’s ridiculous, really.

This peach pie was perhaps the best pie I have ever tasted — in large part due to the peaches themselves, which have been outstanding this summer. But the crust was so flaky and light that my brother-in-law likened it to elephant ear cookies, which, when good, are puff pastry-esque. The secret is frozen butter. It’s no secret, really, but it’s the key.

If you want to someday be like my mom, start practicing now. She uses Jimmy Dodge’s all-butter crust from his book Baking with Jim Dodge. He says, and my mother implores, that the peach skin should remain on. Break a leg, bakers.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 14, 2007


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