Last Meal: Kenny Lao Hearts Mutton Sticks


Kenny Lao, the founder of Rickshaw Dumplings, which is about to open its second location, is a man after our own heart. Considering his dumpling obsession, we weren’t surprised that his fantasy last meal was part-Chinese and all-delicious. And by the way, those mangoes are called Alphonsos.

Have you thought about your last meal? Yes. Yes, yes. One question謡hat’s the method of death?

That’s up to you. It seems like electrocution, from the ones I’ve read.

That’s what generally comes to mind. I kind of prefer the guillotine, because it’s more humane. It’s very quick.

Guillotine it is. So, I have a list of things, and I’m assuming it’s all going to be brought to me. First it would be, well, I don’t really know what to call them in English. Spiced mutton meat sticks. It’s Xinjang meat, made by Uyghurs.

Wait, are they covered in cumin? Yes! And a lot of pepper.

Oh, God. There are a couple of stalls in Flushing. So delicious. I eat them in Beijing, I love those things. So, I’d start with that, as an amuse. Then some Super Rica tacos from L.A. It’s a dirty taco shack that Julia Child said was her favorite restaurant.

What kind of tacos? Well, pork. Of course, and I would drink their dirty horchada. As you can tell from these first two, I like the kind of food where you’re kind of wondering whether you’re gonna pay the price the next day.

Me too. But in this case, I don’t have to worry about it.

True. Very wise. Then I’d have Peking duck葉he traditional three-course version. First, just the skin with the pancakes and hoisin, then the meat, and at the same time, they make a broth with the carcass, and you have that as a digestive.

Yum. What else is in the broth? Just some winter melon. The carcass is the main flavor. Then, as a palate cleanser, a mango羊efrigerated, like, really cold. It would have to be the fiber-free kind.

The Indian ones? What’re they called again? I don’t know. They’re called yummy. I would take a regular mango if they’d give me floss. And then I would have the chocolate Shanghai soup dumplings from Rickshaw, with a bib on. We give out bibs now, because they’re oozing and chocolatey. You don’t want to go to the guillotine with stains. Also, I’d have a wafer cone with hazelnut ice cream from Sundaes & Cones. It tastes like you’re eating frozen hazelnuts.