Top Chef: We Have Some Questions


Last night’s episode of Top Chef involved much randomness. We’ve come to the “make-believe restaurant” episode, and Howie’s concept was something like New American Contemporary Bistro. Hello. Whatever that means. Maybe it means “Perilla”?

But before that was the quick-fire challenge, in which the chefs made burgers for Daniel Boulud. But, can someone explain what the role of Red Robin was? Maybe we should have smoked less, but it seemed that Padma showed the cheftestants the menu from this fast food chain as some sort of reference, but made no connection between it and Boulud or the challenge particularly. then it went away. Product placement is bad enough when some effort is made to force it into context.

Then there was Andrea Strong. We had heard a few months ago that a bunch of New York bloggers would be making an appearance, but in the end, Ms. Strong Buzz was the only one who was willing to avoid any commentary on the show until this episode aired. Boulud was the judge, but Strong represented the blogosphere’s silly practice of reviewing restaurants on opening night.

On top of all that, the producers judges pussied out and sent no one home. They better make it up to us next week.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 16, 2007


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