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Method Man Says “Just Say No”


As part of a plea deal with the office of Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes, Method Man will warn Brooklyn students about the dangers of driving under the influence.

We’re trying to wrap our brains around the fact that the Method Man is going to travel to 15 schools in Brooklyn to deliver an anti-drug message to students.

You know, that Method Man, whose name itself is slang term for marijuana. The guy who, for all intents and purposes, is named “Weed Man” or “Marijuana Man” is going to sanctioned by Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes to lecture students as part of Hynes’ Choices and Consequences program, which aims to teach students about the consequences of drunk driving. Or, we presume, in his case, the dangers of driving under the influence of mad ism.

As part of the deal, Meth copped—no not what you’re thinking— a guilty plea to a disorderly conduct violation in a Brooklyn courtroom on Thursday, settling his marijuana possession bust from May.

In May, police at the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel stopped Meth—whose government name is Clifford Smith—for having an expired inspection sticker. When he rolled down his window, a giant plume of herbal smoke greeted officers— just like in his movies.

Who knows maybe this is crazy enough to work, but we tend to think it’s a perfect example of why anti-drug efforts have a tendency to fail.

Method Man’s art, persona, and lifestyle are just so inextricably linked to his weed-smoking that we’re having a tough time just enumerating the ways. So we decided to make a list.

We figure—with your help—the list will be really long by the time Method starts making his rounds of Brooklyn schools. Send in your suggestions and we’ll keep updating the list.

1) His name.
2) He has an album “4:21…The Day After”—a reference to 420
3) The song “How To Roll A Blunt”
4) How High, the movie
5) “How High,” the song
6) The lyrics: “I got, fat bags of skunk
I got, White Owl blunts
And I’m about to go get lifted
Yes I’m about to go get lifted”
7) The “Up in Smoke” tour
8) This picture



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