Trend Voting: Vintage Oxfords?


My first instinct on this whole oxford trend was no way. But the more hot hipster girls I see wearing them, the more I am drawn to them.

I have a clear memory of Denise Huxtable wearing faded blue sweatpants and a gigantic men’s overcoat, and looking like the hottest, coolest person who ever lived. And I thought, I need sweatpants like that, and I need to steal dad’s overcoat, and then I will be really hot too. But of course, that was the opposite of true, because Denise Huxtable was abnormally amazing, and therefore could do that thing where she wore unflattering clothes and they ended up flattering her, in that they said to the world “I am so incredible that I can wear sweatpants outside.” It really doesn’t apply to me, or most of us.

So the question is, are oxfords only for today’s Denises? The skinny, bad-ass hip girls who look endlessly cute in things that would render us even stumpier and more manly than we already feel?

Naturally, I turned to my stable of fashionable 20-somethings. Results after the jump. And please, feel free to cast yours too.

“they might not be easy to pull of, but i think they’re good.”

“i think its awkward not sexy nerd in a middle aged librarian sort of way- but not dykey. i think its the least sexy shoe option out there-second to the ugg.”

“i am definitely not doing that.”

“i vote yea but only for some – if you’re going for depression era chic…and who isn’t these days. but not with knickers – that would be overdoing it”

“i already bought these. that’s my vote.”

“horrid. they’re definitely a trend but make me think of sad, pasty girls, mid-90s, wearing doc martens and smoking kools. yuck.”

“totally into this. although, i’ve never been a fan of the wimpy, ‘feminized,’ slimmed-down version of an oxford. i wasn’t during the 80s, and i’m not now. nothing’s better than a lady in men’s clothes, and men’s brogues.”

“I like vintage oxfords. They are an attractive and comfortable alternative to high heels, flip flops, sneakers, etc. However, I think it’s important not to wear vintage oxfords with an overly shabby vintage-looking outfit, otherwise you end up looking too Williamsburg-y.”

“I think these are better for girls than for boys, in the same way that vests and wide pants are good in an Annie Hall sort of way for girls, but make straight boys look ridiculous. My mother just bought a pair, after searching for several years for a pair in her tiny size. She will be relieved to know that others will be easier to find, once Lindsay and Nicole start wearing them.”

survey says!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 17, 2007

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