Will the Ball Field Vendors Flunk Tomorrow’s Test?


Diners Journal acts more like a blog than usual today, with Peter Meehan reporting on the ever-torturous Red Hook Ball Field vendor situation.

Meehan is optimistic about the fate of the Latin American vendors — in terms of their chances to win a bid to operate next season. But the latest threat to our huaraches addiction is the mean old Department of Health, who swung by on August 8th and were not thrilled with the set-up. They’re coming back tomorrow to follow up. As Meehan puts it:

Some requirements, like one specifying that vendors must not store food on the ground, seem easy enough to comply with. Some, like the mandate to “Prepare pre-prepared foods in commercial kitchens or commissaries as required rather than private homes (which are not inspected)”, seem sensible but also a tough hurdle to clear in just 14 days.

We concur. And we’re concerned. Stay tuned…

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 17, 2007

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