Ball Fields to Get Colder, Sweeter


It was with enormous relief that we crossed Bay Street on Saturday afternoon and saw that the ball field vendors had not been squashed by the DOH. In fact the pupusas were selling like… oh God. Sorry.

Anyway, we ran into The Brooklyn Paper reporter Ariella Cohen there, with a goat taco and plenty of information on hand. She wasn’t surprised the Health Department hadn’t made any dramatic moves that day, and she also seemed to think the vendors were likely to win the bid to operate next year. It’s starting to look like that issue could be just a formality.

As Cohen reported on Friday, the Health Department’s main concern when inspectors first visited the ball fields on August 8th was cold storage for uncooked meat. The vendors will be investing in more ice and coolers to meet the city’s guidelines, but there’s another perk: Umberto Carrilo plans to take advantage of the additional ice to serve chocolate-covered bananas, a popular Guatemalan treat. We’re down with that.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 20, 2007

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