Who Dat? Random Stuff Near McCarren Park Pool


Couple small pieces spotted yesterday on a Williamsburg walk by people/artists we didn’t recognize. People always ask grafheads why they write and this bolted sign pre-empts that question. If I didn’t write on walls, I’d be boring like you. Looks like it’s signed by Magic, but it’s hard to read so we wouldn’t bet a pack of smokes on it.

Also spotted this paint job. Technically speaking, the piece sucks, the cloud’s black outline looks like a two-year-old trying to draw a hand. But we kind of like its comic-book primitiveness. We also like inventing a story about how the bolt got there: plainclothes superhero heading to the park noticed how drab the wall was. Made sure no one was looking. Then—zap!—shot a lightning bolt out of his/her fingertips onto the facade. Goodbye ugly penitentiary wall, hello cartoon storm!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 20, 2007

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