New Iron Chef to Join the Show


Like so many reality shows before it, Iron Chef is spawning one of those meta-spinoffs, in which The Food Network is searching for The! Next! Iron! Chef! We can already only stomach a battle against Mario Batali, and the token lady chef, Cat Cora, who makes Southern food with a Greek twist was pushing it to begin with. When we heard about this concept, visions of suburban moms fighting to the deaths in “Battle Turkey Burger” flashed in our minds. But the contestants are real chefs. Drum roll please…

John Besh, New Orleans: Executive Chef, Restaurant August, Besh Steak, Luke, and La Provence.

Chris Cosentino, San Francisco: Executive Chef, Incanto.

Jill Davie, Santa Monica: Executive Chef, JOSIE.

Traci Des Jardins, San Francisco: Executive Chef & Co-Owner, Jardiniere, Mijita, and Acme Chophouse.

Gavin Kaysen, San Diego: Chef de Cuisine, El Bizcocho at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.

Morou Ouattara, Washington, DC: Executive Chef & Owner, Farrah Olivi.

Aaron Sanchez, New York: Executive Chef & Owner, Centrico and Paladar.

Michael Symon, Cleveland: Executive Chef & Owner, Lola and Lolita.

The six-episode series starts on October 7 (9PM). The winner will join the other Iron Chefs when the new season of Iron Chef premieres on November 18.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 21, 2007

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