Staten Island: Still Smoking


Photo by apollonia666 via Flickr

Further proof that Staten Island is truly a land unto itself: some 27% of the adults on Shaolin still smoke, as compared to just 17.5% citywide. The reduction rates are even more astounding. According to Department of Health report, the Bronx has seen a 24.6 percent reduction in smoking since 2002, Brooklyn 13 percent, Manhattan 24 percent, Queens 21.6 percent, and Staten Island a measly 0.4 percent.

The report also breaks down smoking rates by gender, income and ethnicity.

Health officials don’t know why Staten Islanders refuse to stop smoking but plan a qualitative study to probe “why smoking is so widespread and persistent” there. The Department of Health is giving away nicotine-replacement patches and gum at the Staten Island ferry terminal between 3 and 6 pm today.

The full smoking report can be found on the Department of Health’s web site.

Anyone got any theories to explain this? Does the landfill play a role?