And the Steamiest Chef Award Goes to…


Much to our delight, Eater brings us news of Glad’s Steamiest Chef Contest today, which comes with some truly alarming photos of the front-runner, hot diabetic Sam Talbot. The other contestants, in order of hotness — according to the voters — are: sparkly-eyed Dave Lieberman, elaborately manicured G. Garvin, forever head-banded Govind Armstrong, and in last place, Paladar’s Aaron Sanchez, who is also competing to become the next Iron Chef.

Eater says: “The magic of Sam Talbot is that despite these photos… perhaps the most aggressively douchey shots of a chef ever taken, you ladies still want to do him.” We actually would like it on-record that we no longer want to do him. I mean, we would, but we’re now indifferent. The tat is bad, the pepper mill’s real bad, and his answer to the question “Why am I the steamiest?” begins with this sentence: “Even in its simplest form cooking can be very sensual”. Gross.

We’re certainly not going to enter Eater’s contest to (maybe) win a date with Talbot, or Glad’s, but maybe you should.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 23, 2007


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