Could it be Top Chef Sara?


Last night, Top Chef might have made up for the crimes of last week. Many guest appearances aided in this effort, like Madonna’s brother, who also has a touch of an English accent, Steven the sommelier, our favorite Top Chef dick-head ever (Dale called him an “ostentatious chatterbox”), Lia, Camille, Joey, and one majorly-cleavaged Sarah.

But it was the quick-fire challenge that really won us over. Specifically, it was watching Casey’s disastrous onion-chopping effort during the mise-en-place relay. First, she said “it’s not brain surgery,” and then she was lapped! Oh, wonderful, painful reality TV.

But here’s the question were left with: could our theory of a women’s movement within Top Chef come true after all? Sara really reminded us of, well, a chef, in terms of her decisiveness and focus…

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 23, 2007

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