Pervy Things Josh Ozersky Wrote This Week


OK, the week isn’t quite over yet, so there’s a chance we’ll have to update this post, but so far, here are the dirty things we’ve read on Grub Street:

On Restaurant Girl: “Grub Street, for one, welcomes our new recognizable critics. With pics like those, how couldn’t we?”

On Top Chef: “… and less than one second of Lia in her low-cut cocktail dress, a spectacle I would have been willing to pay-per-view.”

This one seems to have come from Mr. Daniel Maurer, on a taco stand called Mex and the City: “this food stand at La Guardia truly turns our hard taco soft.”

It seems Cutlets is slightly boob-happy while his wingman is just a little gross?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 24, 2007


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